Cara Howley


Cara Howley,
University of Charleston, South Carolina,
Class of 2015
Graduate Program: Communication

The Bully Pulpit Series is excited to share the experience of a College of Charleston graduate student who worked on the Series in 2014 through an independent study experience that helped grow her portfolio and professional networks.

Stressed and completely overwhelmed, I barged into Dr. Amanda Ruth-McSwain’s office searching for help. A fifth-year senior in my final volleyball season and a second-year graduate student in the MCOM program, I was struggling to find classes that would fit into my crazy schedule. When Dr. Ruth-McSwain suggested an independent study with the Bully Pulpit Series, I was both daunted by the field of work and excited about the opportunity to try something new.

Admittedly, politics just aren’t my thing. However, as I quickly discovered, interests are not always an indicator of enjoyment and personal growth. This semester I truly discovered beauty in my experience with the Bully Pulpit Series. After speaking with former students involved in the Series, dedicated Advisory Council members committed to its success and current students/professors, I now fully grasp that the Bully Pulpit Series has become something bigger than just an on-campus political event series. Rather, involvement with the Series is a chance to become a part of an ever-growing class of alumni, develop mentoring relationships with our prestigious Advisory Council and meet political candidates while coordinating major campus and community events. For these relationships, experiences and opportunities to learn, I am unbelievably thankful.

Each experience in life teaches us something valuable. No matter how big or small the lesson, the decision to become a part of something bigger than yourself is one worth making. It has been an honor to be involved with the Bully Pulpit Series, and I look forward to watching it continue to grow long after I graduate.

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