Geoff Yost

The Bully Pulpit Series is proud to share highlights from the experience of a College of Charleston graduate who worked on The Bully Pulpit Series — an experience that helped launch his career.

Geoff Yost
College of Charleston Class of 2012
Major: Communication


Joining the Bully Pulpit Series

Geoff Yost joined The Bully Pulpit Series with a level of familiarity with the events and activities he would be volunteering for. As editor in chief of the College of Charleston newspaper “The Cistern Yard,” Yost had a lot of experience with campus life. He reported on newsworthy activities, providing information to his fellow students in print and online. The Bully Pulpit Series took him to the next level, giving him access to some of the most important events of the year and the chance to get an exclusive glimpse into the world of politics.

Favorite Moment

Many alumni agree that the Colbert Rally in 2012 on campus was one of the more memorable things they witnessed at the College of Charleston. For Yost, it was not only a great experience but also a chance to learn valuable skills that he would take with him into his career. Since media covered the event nationally, Yost had the chance to work with and learn from Fox News, CNN and other major media outlets. He also saw the resources involved in making an event happen and the process of creating communication strategy for a political campaign, which would serve him well in the future. “The experience offered great political insight for students,” Yost said.

Lessons Learned

The insight Yost gained with the Bully Pulpit Series directly translates into his current career. Since graduation, Yost has been involved with politics managing campaigns and organizing large-scale events. He is thankful for his experiences he had with The Bully Pulpit Series, which introduced him to people who stage events and helped him network for his future career.

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