As part of the #CougarCampaign2020 series at the College of Charleston, on October 22nd the Bully Pulpit Series co-hosted a virtual “Divided We Fall: Civility in Political Debate” panel with the Department of Communication’s Advisory Council. Live remarks from four Council panelists (Jeannie Bunton, Mike McCurry, Greg Schneiders, Tucker Eskew), all with former White House staff experience, were followed by a lively Q&A with the audience.

Audience engagement was so lively that some questions went unanswered. So, join us in scrolling through the remaining questions along with the response from each panelist. And for those of your that missed the event, you can find the recording linked below. Enjoy the relevant, timely and thought-provoking discussion.

The Bully Pulpit Series thanks each panelist for sharing their time, experience and advice as well as the audience for attending and actively participating in the important discussion. While the 2020 Cougar Campaign series has come to a close, much like the 2020 Presidential Election season, the need for open, productive and informed conversation continues. Follow the College’s Critical Conversations webpage to find ways that you can engage in similar events with the College of Charleston community.

View recording of this Zoom event here:
(Passcode: Z3+2EjnS )