Sarah Platock

The Bully Pulpit Series is excited to share highlights from the experience of a College of Charleston graduate who worked on the Series in 2012 — an experience that helped launch her career.

Sarah Platock
College of Charleston Class of 2013
Major: Communication

“The Bully Pulpit Series offered me a once in a lifetime opportunity.”- Sarah Platock

Currently working for CNN Headline News in New York City, Sarah Platock got her start making valuable connections through the Bully Pulpit Series. A recent graduate of the College of Charleston, Sarah humbly credits the Series for her successful career. However, despite her present involvement in the world of politics, she admitted that she has not always been passionate about the field.

As a communication undergraduate at the College, Sarah found herself heavily invested in her the major. Since she was often caught up in the moment with classes, she revealed that her involvement in the Bully Pulpit Series could be largely attributed to her mentor in the protégé/mentor program at the College of Charleston. Without his encouragement, Sarah may have missed an incredible opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone and change the path of her life.

During the primaries in 2012, The Colbert Report hosted their show in Charleston, welcoming Bully Pulpit student volunteers to work as production assistants. With a subtle push from her mentor, Sarah got involved, intrigued about the opportunity to work in any capacity with highly competitive television producers. Although she was not familiar with the responsibilities of a production assistant, a quick Google search assured her that she was more than capable of completing any task that could be thrown her way. Joined by a dozen qualified students, Sarah met with the producers of the Emmy Award winning show and fearlessly dove into the work. “This is your 48 hour interview,” Sarah recalls the production coordination telling the students working on the show. “If you want a job, now’s your chance.”

Taking that to heart, Sarah decided it was time for her to dream big and chase after the opportunity of a lifetime. Thus, she capitalized on any chance to make herself useful to the producers of the Colbert Report — from picking up the morning coffee to driving people around Charleston. Rest assured that Sarah’s actions did not go unnoticed. By the end of the experience, she was offered an internship with the show, fueling her passion for television. “It was a beacon of shining hope on my resume,” Sarah said.

Since she graduated from the College in 2013, Sarah has turned her passion into a prosperous career. Her seemingly random journey is one that she said she would never trade. The Series provided her with not only unbelievable on-campus experiences, but also helped her create valuable networks and provided her with a new avenue to use her communications expertise.

Sarah had opportunities during her time with the Series, but let it be known that her character, work ethic and drive are what left long lasting influences on the people she encountered. Although she believes that the Bully Pulpit Series shaped her life, we believe that she created her own destiny, by taking a risk and working hard to accomplish her goals.

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