Student Voices: America, You’re Fired

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A racist intolerant demagogue utterly unsuitable for the highest political position in all the land is plowing successfully through the primary elections like a disastrous tsunami. Leaving a path of destruction, arrests, riots and protesters in his wake, Americans have actually allowed what started as the biggest joke in American politics to become a reality: Donald Trump will be the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate.

Nothing short of a miracle of biblical proportions could change the face of this election race. The only moderate republican worth his salt, John Kasich, has only secured 63 of the 1,237 delegate votes necessary for the nomination — a devastating blow to all moderate republicans, Kasich supporters, Ohioans, progressives, democrats, Latinos, blacks, Muslims, immigrants, gays, lesbians, transgender men and women, and anyone else who doesn’t sympathize with the Trump idolatry. We, the American people, are responsible for what happens next. An America under Trump will become the “Fourth Reich,” it’s just a matter of time until his abuse of power cascades into a reincarnation of Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia or Mussolini’s Italy.

A millionaire, who reeks of capitalism and the entitled “1 percent” has won the hearts of Americans with his “get rich quick” real-estate tactics, phony business schemes and reality television shows, in which his much discussed coif and disgruntled pout of disapproval—a caricature of sorts—somehow manipulated voters of his credibility. He somehow got people to actually agree with his racist rhetoric. He has amassed a following of dedicated and devoted fans; uneducated bigots salivating at the opportunity to attack protestors in the name of Trump and captivated by the unclear and quite possibly illegal policies he hopes to institute as a last-ditch effort to “make America great again.”



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Let’s take a moment and examine Donald Trump: Although supporters proclaim his business success and Super PAC independence as admirable and his proclamations against big government and career politicians as refreshing, Trump has publicly filed for bankruptcy three times for his company: Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. and demolished many of his international hotels and casinos. His former businesses (which are still included in his repertoire of success at campaign rallies), such as Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Casinos, Trump: The Game, Trump Magazine, Trump Steaks,, Trump University, Trump Mortgage, Trump Natural Spring Water, Trump Super Speedway, Trump Power, The Trump Executive Collection, Trump Follies, and the Trump Network all cease to exist and clearly, nepotism doesn’t phase him. His only financial success comes from the years of successfully flipping hotels and sky risers and cultivating his real estate empire. Not to mention, to win a Presidential election against the Democratic Candidate is going to require upwards of $500 million—2012 showed us that when Obama spent over a $1 billion and Romney spent $850 million. His days of bankrolling his own election scheme are over.

He preaches that a nation without borders or laws is not a nation. He calls for a wall around the southern United States and has promised that Mexico will pay for it, mandatory deportation of all criminal aliens and ending birthright citizenship.

He has gained support for his provocative stances on Islam and absolutely supports, if not requires, a Muslim Registry to keep terrorism at bay.

Vladimir Putin, America’s most notable adversary, has endorsed Donald Trump for President stating, “[Donald Trump is] a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt. It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race.” Putin also suggested that Trump is a strong leader—music to Trump’s ears

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There is a reason why Donald Trump is being compared to Hitler. His immigration stances and attitude towards Hispanics and Muslims is nothing short of bigotry and racism. He is simultaneously inciting fear and anger into the uneducated minds of voters by citing flawed statistics of rapes, murders and dangerous crimes committed by Latino immigrants. He is propagating xenophobic blasphemy that all worshippers of Islam believe American democracy to be the object for their Jihad-ist desire.

Louis C. K. isn’t wrong when he discusses the dangers associated with voting for Trump. His bigotry fuels rioting; it fuels exclusivity based on race and religion at campaign rallies; and it fuels violence and hatred. His words have already proven to incite dangerous and violent circumstances, as men and women are attacked in the street, in peaceful protests or for simply respecting their religious beliefs. His beliefs fail to represent logical thinking, and at minimum, fail to represent what is constitutionally legal. Sure, Devil’s Advocate would suggest that Louis C.K. has no credibility to publicly comment on political matters. He’s a comedian and an actor and therefore can’t accurately describe the current climate revolving the election, but Louis C. K. possesses about as much credibility to comment on politics, as Trump has to be running for President.

Finally, Vladimir Putin endorsing Donald Trump for President isn’t the positive PR many hoped it to be. America’s number one geopolitical adversary and untrustworthy opponent would obviously take any opportunity to weaken America. Putin has his eyes on the prize and his endorsement for Trump is nothing more than a strategic chess move to weaken our country just enough to deliver debilitating blows. He knows that Trump completely lacks diplomacy, military or governing experience, and will fracture the political system. An America under Trump is an America divided—a vulnerable position necessary for Cold War round 2.

Of course it would be in Putin’s best interest to capitalize on the American election and manipulate voters into thinking his endorsement represents America’s best interest, besides why would he support a political candidate that he actually fears? The answer is he wouldn’t, and his support for Trump does little to meet the eye. Also, let’s not forget that Trump and Putin both believe in similar governing styles. Putin would like nothing more than to take a trip down memory lane and return Russia to its years beneath the Iron Curtain. Trump in a position of power will just incite a new era of America Politics; America: Land of the White, Home of the Brave, Protected by an Iron Wall.

With the GOP announcement for the Republican Presidential Candidate just around the corner, there is nothing for us to do, but hope and pray that a contested convention occurs. If the unimaginable happens and come November, Donald Trump adds President-Elect to his title, we only have ourselves to blame.

Written by: Taylor Weissman, Campus Promotions

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