Student Voices: How Trump Has Taken Over

Donald Trump has surprised many Americans as the current leader in the Republican Primary Race for President of the United States. Some people love Trump, some people hate Trump. Whether you agree or disagree with what he has to say, all can agree there has never been a presidential candidate quite like himself.. Last month, Trump posted something very perverse on his Instagram page, reciting one of Mahatma Gandhi’s lines: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. While you wouldn’t expect this belligerent real estate magnate to use wisdom from one like Gandhi, the line is apt. “First, we did ignore him – as a buffoon who wouldn’t survive past the summer. Then, we laughed at him – as a buffoon who wouldn’t survive through fall. Eventually, Republicans began to fight him, terrified of his traction with voters. Now, he’s winning, with more votes and delegates than anyone left in the field” (Bouie, 2016). While a win was unexpected at the start of this presidential campaign season, Trump has now taken over and is on the verge of winning nomination. But, although he may win the nomination, he has quite a bit of work to do to win over the GOP.

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Donald Trump’s willingness to buck convention has acted as a strength for his 2016 campaign, but it has also come with consequences. Winning Super Tuesday would usually be a positive outcome for a candidate’s party, but this has not been the case for the GOP and Trump. “Instead, he’s getting the cold shoulder reserved for an especially obstinate unwanted guest from GOP leaders who see him as a toxic influence that could cost them the White House and Senate” (Collinson, 2016). The Republican Party is doing everything they can to take down Donald Trump before he is able to obtain the presumptive GOP nominee. “The goal, according to people familiar with the effort, has been to assemble as much as $25 million to spend against the New York businessman before March 15” (Goldmacher & Isenstadt, 2016), but many believe it is too little, too late.

Despite the many efforts to stop Trump, he has remained on top. Some say it is because he is able to reach the poorer, less educated part of white America. For better or worse, Donald Trump has become the “champion of the defeated ‘worst’ of America as well as the symbol of its rise from the ashes” (Barlow, 2016). Coining his popular phrase to “make America great again”, Trump has been able to rally supporters despite his racist appeal to bigots and haters. Shockingly, the majority of Trump supporters consist of voters that align with his views on race. “Donald Trump, for all of his wealth and New York sophistication, has made himself into the archetypal hillbilly – or, at least, is now so seen in the eyes of many” (Barlow, 2016). This “hillbilly” attitude is something different, something that lower class, white Americans have been looking for in order to take over the elite attitudes of many past presidents and other 2016 candidates.

Many Americans view these elite positions from other candidates as a group of government con artists that are bought and sold by special interest groups and corporate dollars. For these reasons these elite politicians have had a hard time reaching out to “average Americans”, and a primary reason Donald Trump – a man who opposes the elite – has been able to dominate the 2016 Presidential Race. I personally hope that Donald Trump’s continued success will drop off thought because I do not believe that he is our best option for president. Yea this would be a new face for the president position but I do not think in the long run it will help America out at all. Trump might be trying to “make America great again” but I don’t think he will actually do that at all if he becomes president of the United States.

Written by: Travis Galloway, Campus Promotions

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