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Student Voices: The Ides of Election

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In November 2016, a new president will be elected and succeed President Barack Obama. As the political ads air and voters flock to the primary polls, candidates are campaigning as hard as they can to get their messages across.

After several months of debating, only six candidates remain in the race for the presidential nomination. Out of those candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the favorites to win the win their party’s nomination. According to the CNN Presidential Poll Tracker, Clinton is polling at 51 percent while Trump is lagging behind at 36 percent.

There has been two Super Tuesday’s since the primary elections began in February. Many of the results were surprising and even resulted in the demise of the Christie and Carson campaigns. Although Clinton and Sanders walked away with several wins across the country – Trump has racked up the most wins during this primary elections.

On March 15, 2016, another Super Tuesday began in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri. The primary is being called “Judgment Day” for two of the Republican presidential candidates who are not doing well against the GOP front runner Donald Trump. Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. John Kasich desperately need wins to boost their campaigns and improve their candidacy.

Specifically, presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio is hoping for a Super Tuesday win in Florida. According to his supporters, Rubio is going to need a miracle to win in Florida. According to Marc Caputo of Politico, Rubio’s deficit in Florida could average around 16.5 percent. With his campaign lacking and his polling numbers placing him in the underdog spot, a win in any of the primary states might boost his campaign morale.

Polling behind Sen. Rubio is Gov. John Kasich. Kasich is hoping to keep his campaign alive and pick up some of the Republican delegates that are up for grabs in this weeks’ primary. The governor will have to win in order to be a contender in this year’s election. He is confident that he will win in his home state of Ohio, where he is neck and neck with Donald Trump.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders still remain in a tight race and recent polls show that the race could remain tight until the end. Clinton is leading in the polls in Florida and North Carolina by a big margin and Sanders leads in Illinois and Ohio. Even if Sanders pulls off an upset, Clinton will remain the Democratic Party front runner given her current delegate count.

As more states begin casting their votes for the primary election, the race for POTUS is heating up. Clinton and Sanders are battling for the Democratic votes as hard as they can, showing no signs of weakness. While Republican candidates, Rubio and Kasich are fighting to keep their campaigns alive against the billionaire GOP front runner Donald Trump.

The more votes that roll in during the primary the closer we get to nominating a new commander in chief. Will a billionaire move into the White House and begin building a wall? Will college become tuition and debt free? Will the first female serve in our nation’s highest office? Or will we witness a miracle and see one of the underdog candidates take the presidency?

All of our questions will be answered on November 8, 2016 when the votes are tallied and the results are submitted. It is important that as American citizens we do our part for our country. If we want change to be made, then we have to use our voices and speak up. If you want to witness a miracle, see history made or build a wall, head to the polls on election day and make your voice heard.

*Since this blog was authored, Sen. Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign and Trump has won Florida, Illinois and N.C., Kasich won Ohio and Clinton defeated Sanders in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, N.C. and Ohio, respectively.

Written by: Danielle Lockemy, Social Media.

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