bookmark_borderLiving With The Satta King

Have you heard of the satta king up ? This king piece of jewelry is very important in Sri Lanka. It is not something that can be bought or gifted but something that must be owned. The meaning of this siddhi is that the person wearing it has lived a full and perfect life.

Satta means “king in waiting”. It is the waiting period between when you die and when your spirit leaves your body. When we die our spirit leaves our body at the time of death. We go to heaven or the next dimension called the realm of light. Once we are there we will have to pass through a very long waiting period called the satta. Only then will we be able to see our true life.

Once we are in the realm of light, we will have to undergo another testing. There will be a time when our true nature as a being will be revealed and we will have to accept what our higher self sent us. If we act in a manner of hatred and violence then this will also be sent down to us. It is just like taking a test in school where you get failing grades and your grade becomes zero.

Once we get to the realm of light then we become like other enlightened beings. This is because we already know who we are. There is no longer any need for anything to change because we are who we are. Hence the data becomes meaningless.

Many people are of the opinion that living with the state as a form of existence is not a good idea. However, the satta shalimar game is our life. If we live in a way that prevents us from receiving all that is inherent in us then we are doing nothing. If we want to live a life that is full of all that is good and holy then we should take steps to achieve this. Living a life with the state as a form of existence is not wrong.

People who think that living with the state as a form of existence is incorrect should look at themselves very closely. Are they living in harmony with themselves? If not, they should look at ways in which they can better themselves. The data that they hold dear should become their priority. This means that they should find time for themselves on a daily basis.