Student Voices: Presidential Campaigns’ Shift in Focus

Presidential campaigns’ shift focus to foreign policy after recent ISIS attacks.

Student Voices: 10 Quotes to “Make America Great Again.”

Whether Republican or a Democrat, we have got to all be wondering the same thing: what is Donald Trump doing and how can he possibly “Make America Great Again?” It seems as though every time Mr. Trump appears in public for a speech or debate he comes up with another extreme and questionable statement that […]

Student Voices: Donald Trump Jeopardizes Equal Rights

April 12, 2016 was Equal Pay Day as President Obama honored the movement for women’s equality by designating the Sewall-Belmont House as a new national monument. This historic house served as the headquarters for the National Women’s Party, where members wrote more than 600 pieces of legislation in support of equal rights. The Belmont-Paul Women’s […]

Student Voices: Mr. Trump, Your Kids Can’t Even Vote for You, so Why Should I?

Last week, CNN made us aware that Donald Trump’s children, Eric and Ivanka, will not be able to vote for their father in the New York State Primary. Due to their lack of awareness of New York State’s voter rules and regulations, Eric (32 years old) and Ivanka (34 years old) said that they feel […]

Student Voices: Time for a New and Safe Era of Ride Sharing

A new, female-only ride sharing service called Chariot for Women is set to launch in Boston next week on April 19, 2016. Touted as “the female-only Uber,” Chariot is designed for the transportation of women and children under the age of 13 only, and will employ exclusively women drivers in an attempt to create a […]

Student Voices: The Ides of Election

In November 2016, a new president will be elected and succeed President Barack Obama. As the political ads air and voters flock to the primary polls, candidates are campaigning as hard as they can to get their messages across. After several months of debating, only six candidates remain in the race for the presidential nomination. […]

Student Voices: America, You’re Fired

A racist intolerant demagogue utterly unsuitable for the highest political position in all the land is plowing successfully through the primary elections like a disastrous tsunami. Leaving a path of destruction, arrests, riots and protesters in his wake, Americans have actually allowed what started as the biggest joke in American politics to become a reality: […]

Student Voices: How Trump Has Taken Over

Donald Trump has surprised many Americans as the current leader in the Republican Primary Race for President of the United States. Some people love Trump, some people hate Trump. Whether you agree or disagree with what he has to say, all can agree there has never been a presidential candidate quite like himself.. Last month, […]

Student Voices: Obama’s Ice Breaker: Why Thawing Cuba Out is a Promise of Change

Despite Obama’s lengthy run in office coming to a close, the White House still holds a few power moves up its sleeve, with one of those moves renewing the connection with Cuba that was sealed off an astonishing 55 years ago, as of October 19th of last year. For those in need of a refresher, during […]

Student Voices: The Race of Campaign Ads

If you are anything like me, at this point in the presidential election season you are fed up with all the campaign commercials that are constantly popping up on your television screen. Perhaps you are even fed up to the point that you have picked up your remote to mute the television instead of listening […]